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We are fluent in English
We are a dynamic, outgoing team whose greatest goal is to brighten the hearts and minds of those who see our products! We provide flowers for any occasion, great or small and guarantee on-time delivery regardless of weather or any other extenuating circumstances.
We offer a variety of payment options to fit your convenience and we are fluent in English as well as Russian. We are connected on multiple platforms of social media, be it Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. We are eager to hear from you through any format you choose and will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have.
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Why us?
  1. Delivery on time
    Our flower company is one of the few that delivers to within the minute, thanks to our reliable delivery service and well-established logistics.
  2. Direct delivery
    We work directly with suppliers from Holland and Ecuador, so we always have only fresh flowers in stock.
  3. Qualified Florists
    Our team of florists have a combined ten years of experience and have completed the most prestigious courses in floristics, which undoubtedly affects the quality and beauty of bouquets. Therefore, our bouquets meet the highest requirements.
  4. Haute couture fashion
    We strive to be at the peak of fashion trends and we constantly study in the best floral schools, so be sure your bouquet will be worth participating in the floral competitions!
  5. Exclusive bouquets
    We are not focused on mass production, so you can always order a unique, celebrity caliber bouquet for a VIP, or just for a close friend. Our bouquets are stunning whether on stage, or at a small, private event among friends and family.
  6. Bouquets to order
    We will make a bouquet especially for you and we will take into account all your wishes and send you a photo before delivery.
  7. Wow effect
    In addition, we solved the greatest puzzle of the century, "what to present?" We have developed an exclusive "The Flowers Box" with a "WOW - effect" that can be a replacement for both flowers and a gift. Believe us, with The Flowers Box, flowers presented with you will be highly noticed and discussed.

The year of 2020 has been challenging for everyone, and we are here to help you bridge the distance created by all the problems relating to these difficult times. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship and you can’t get to your loved one, or perhaps you want to send a cheery message that will make a positive impact on a beloved relative, we are here for you! Nothing could be simpler than going to our website and browsing our various selections to send the message you want to send when you can’t be there in person. We also offer custom selections that you can create yourself if you have a particular impression you want to make. Our best florists of our online store will help you with the best choice, will advise you and assist with any questions you might have, and a courier will deliver to a person important to you anywhere in Moscow. All of our services are available online! On our website you can find exactly what you’re looking for at any time and our easy payment methods will cater to your needs in the fastest, most efficient way possible. As Covid is impacting all of our lives, send a bit of cheer to add a little brightness to someone’s life.

What could be an easier way to add some life and color to your loved one for any holiday but a bouquet?! But what bouquet for each holiday? After all, there are many holidays and different variety of flowers arrangements may be suitable for each specific event or occasion. Our florists will help you to make the best choice that will be sure to impress while fitting in your budget.

We present to you the TOP of the bouquets choices from The Flowers:

Flowers for International Women’s Day on March 8

Are you are looking for a great bouquet on International Women’s day to tell a beloved lady how much you care, or business colleague about your respect? A flowers in top hat box is a creative and original option. It is suitable as a confession of you feeling for your girlfriend, as a tender word to your wife, an original gift to a colleague. Any lady would be happy to accept a flower arrangement decorated in stylish top hat box. A woman partner in business is guaranteed to appreciate this kind of attention too.

Bouquet for February 14

Valentine’s day has long been our most valued holiday and is celebrated around the world! A bouquet for Valentine’s day is a must, but it’s size and composition can be any, since the most important part of it is for you to tell the person you love exactly how you feel. Of course, a message sent in the form of a bouquet can let that special someone know that they are your “Valentine” without using any words at all.

New years Flowers

A bouquet for New Years isn’t an obligatory tradition, but what better way to bring in the New Year with some life and color! Our New Year bouquets are distinguished by classy decorations of pine needles and artificial snow, miniature Christmas tree decorations or candy. In any case, it is always nice to receive a bouquet of flowers, and even more so for the New Year!

Birthday bouquet for a child or New Born

Do you want to send a flowers to congratulate a new born? Or you want to send a birthday gift for a young one? Whether it’s a relative or a friend’s child, it’s in good taste to give the baby a small but cute bouquet. Our advice would be to use bright and effective color combinations, small toys and interesting decor with ribbons and sparkles. A bouquet for a child’s event should not be serious and classic, it should only emphasize your attention and care!

Birthday bouquet for a girlfriend

Everything here is very individual and therefore this is the most difficult case. You need to know which flowers she likes, what her style is, her fashion sense, and even her character in general. If you don’t know your beloved very well yet, our experienced florists will help find the perfect solution and will approach your special bouquet with special care to give her a memory that will last a lifetime.

Bouquet for an official event

Have you been invited to a formal celebration and need a festive bouquet, but aren’t sure what is appropriate? Perhaps it’s just a formality but sometimes there are events at which you need to make an impression. If this is the case, then take a small and strict business bouquet with you. This way you can show your consideration and respect while making an impression with one of our unique arrangements.

It is not always possible to choose and buy flowers in Moscow shops with the required efficiency. It is very easy to order flowers in our online store and send them to you loved one. The catalog on our website will help you make the right choice, and our florists will complete the creation of a special style. You can be sure that the gift will become an original manifestation of your disposition towards the one to whom the wonderful compositions are addressed. Our wonderful bouquets are made to order only. Call us, or leave a request on the website, and we will deliver your gift to any corner of Moscow. Do not be afraid to show love for loved ones or respect for your partners - please them with sending a graceful flower arrangement for any kind of event or even without any special reason.

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All the bouquets and flower arrangements that you see on our website are made by our own caring hands and photographed by us too! Please note: without any tricks with smoke and mirrors! All arrongements that you see on our web site is done by us with passion, love and caring.
You could surprise your girlfriend by handing her flowers, climbing to her window by rope, or perhaps surprise your partner by organizing a drumming ceremony, but since we are worried about your safety and appreciate your time, we will do it all for you!
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