Every day, our clients rely on us to realize their wildest floral fantasies, to deliver best wishes on their behalf to loved ones, dear friends and all of the important people in their lives.
This trust and credit is very important for us!

We enjoy creating and realizing your unique style and vision and convey your emotions using the language of our flower arrangements. Our customers, like us, are bored with standard and stencil solutions, therefore, we are proud that we are not focused on mass production of stencil arrangements!

Eugenia Pavlova

Founder /Director of company

Her path to florist-decorator began in the Moscow Architectural Institute, where Eugenia studied drawing, painting, color science and composition theory. After graduating from several courses in floristics, including courses from Moscow flower school, Eugenia decided not to stop there and went to study event design with Yulia Shakirova, (the owner of a famouse Russian event agency), where she received tremendous experience and inspiration for the implementation of her own project.

Inna Tkachuk

Founder /Creative director

Charismatic, bright and inspiring Inna is always full of new ideas. She received an artistic education and has a natural sense of beauty and style, which help her clearly visualize her ideas and those of others. Her stubbornness and pride in her work help turn our ideas into a perfect reality. In her spare time, free from the flower industry, Inna is an ordinary fracturing consultant seeking beauty in the industrial art of the oil and gas industry.

Ksenia Misirlich

Founder /Financial director

Our team would not be fully complete without a distinctive, charismatic, organized person with enormous optimism. All of our plans materializing with Ksenia's gentle touch. We are greatfull for her professionalism and ability to substantiate all the cosmic ideas of our team with a business-like approach. Ksenia's clarity of mind is the link between our creative fantasy and a healthy rationality.
Our team
Senior florist
Olga has been working with us since the day the company was founded. She has been an integral part of every event we have ever represented, contributing her boundless imagination and skillful hands. We love working with Olga because of her professionalism, reliability, integrity and an unsurpassed sense of humor.
Florist - designer 
Svetlana's projects are known for their bold innovative ideas, bright accents and original group compositions. Details are important for Svetlana, she loves working with different textures, experimenting with frames, ribbons, and crafting. 
Irina has been working in floristics for more than 10 years. She always seeks to create something truly unique, exciting with its beauty and technique. “I have a great job, as I like to make things beautiful, beautiful and perfect” - we absolutely agree with her!
As our customer service manager Ilmira combines appearance, friendliness, diligence, and super communication skills. This is why we trust Ilmira to take care of the most important and valuable thing we have, that is, you - our clients.
Aero Designer
On design involving a mixture of balloons and flowers Olga has no equal. She masterly transforms any event, be it a wedding, baby shower, children's party or a glamorous party of friends to WOW! She knows the perfect recipe for combining balloons, glitter and style.
Senior courier
Albert carefully delivers the flower arrangement to you and that's it. We only know that you receive them on time and with joy. We did not hear about traffic jams, ice and apocalypse. We are pleased to read his micro-reports in the form of “a bouquet is delivered, the client is satisfied and in a swoon”.