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The Flowers!
We are a dynamic, outgoing team whose greatest goal is to brighten the hearts and minds of those who see our products! We provide flowers for any occasion, great or small and guarantee on-time delivery regardless of weather or any other extenuating circumstances.

We offer a variety of payment options to fit your convenience and we are fluent in English as well as Russian. We are connected on multiple platforms of social media, be it Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. We are eager to hear from you through any format you choose and will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. 

Thank you for choosing The Flowers!

Whatsapp: +7(925) 423-64-90
Facebook: TheFlowers.ru
Instagram: TFlowers.ru
Why us?
Delivery on time
Our flower company is one of the few that delivers to within the minute, thanks to our reliable delivery service and well-established logistics.
Direct delivery
We work directly with suppliers from Holland and Ecuador, so we always have only fresh flowers in stock.
Qualified Florists
Our team of florists have a combined ten years of experience and have completed the most prestigious courses in floristics, which undoubtedly affects the quality and beauty of bouquets. Therefore, our bouquets meet the highest requirements.
Haute couture fashion
We strive to be at the peak of fashion trends and we constantly study in the best floral schools, so be sure your bouquet will be worth participating in the floral competitions!
Exclusive bouquets
We are not focused on mass production, so you can always order a unique, celebrity caliber bouquet for a VIP, or just for a close friend. Our bouquets are stunning whether on stage, or at a small, private event among friends and family.
Bouquets to order
We will make a bouquet especially for you and we will take into account all your wishes and send you a photo before delivery.
Wow effect
In addition, we solved the greatest puzzle of the century, "what to present?" We have developed an exclusive "The Flowers Box" with a "WOW - effect" that can be a replacement for both flowers and a gift. Believe us, with The Flowers Box, flowers presented with you will be highly noticed and discussed.
We do not pay for reviews and we do not buy likes and followers! We have nothing against artificial intellect (some robots could be very nice), but we prefer to be friends with real people! Therefore, if you want to know more about us, please see our satisfied customers' reviews!
All the bouquets and flower arrangements that you see on our website are made by our own caring hands and photographed by us too! Please note: without any tricks with smoke and mirrors! All arrongements that you see on our web site is done by us with passion, love and caring.
You could surprise your girlfriend by handing her flowers, climbing to her window by rope, or perhaps surprise your partner by organizing a drumming ceremony, but since we are worried about your safety and appreciate your time, we will do it all for you!
Pass by our website, and a few minutes later .. Tadaaam !! Your order is completed, and you are on your way to your day goal! We know that you do not want to spend your entire lunch break on clicks on hundreds of pages; for this we have created a quick-as-bullet order. So please enjoy your lunch!